YIR15 – 11 – Red Flags and Provision In The Nick Of Time

When I was growing up in Wellingborough during Sunday night church service there was space for something called testimonies. It was later I discovered that it was really meant to be a time to give a brief description of an event experienced that showed God’s goodness in your life. That was the intent.

Of all the episodes that I experienced in 2015 there was a particularly noteworthy one that took place in November. Such was the impact of that episode that it became my conversation starter with close friends when asked about my welfare. I won’t give the full gory details here, but in an effort to stick to the formula of the testimonies of the past, I will endeavour to give a brief description.

An opportunity was presented to me around the start of November. It appeared to be a good opportunity. Yet even from the outset one or two things were done that should have given me pause for thought. I’m retrospect, they were the first red flags.

The thing about red flags as I have been informed, is if noticed, it’s usually a sign to stop. The reason for the stopping is to avoid a nasty hazard ahead. Yet in my bid to ‘make the most of the opportunity’ I kept on going. In doing so, however, more red flags emerged that made it ever clearer that this was not an opportunity worth continuing. Unfortunately for me, I neglected these red flags and it was only when I was confronted with the impact on my mental health and knock on effect with close relationships and my life’s goals that I took the hint(s) and left the ‘opportunity’ alone.

Ever faithful, God in His mercy, still looked after me and presented a miraculous opportunity in place of the other one. That provision, proved to be a very different affair to the red flags episode – but that’s another story for another time.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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