YIR15 – 10 – Shoots of Hope

Seeing the shoots of life in plants is something promising.

Though I am not a gardener, I knocked around with my Dad enough in his allotment to see the stages of growth from planting to fruition. Those shoots would always be a sign that I saw favourably.

October was a month where on careful viewing there were genuine shoots of hope for me. First and foremost the desire to pray was stirred even more than before during this month. That has historically been a positive sign where I am concerned. That doesn’t suggest I was bored of prayer before, but there are times where its importance comes to the fore and that was good.

There was also more confidence on my part in approaching the jobsearch issue. I felt more assured in knowing that whatever I applied for was worthy of a positive response. Indeed there was a positive response to one application, so as far as October was concerned that was another shoot of hope.

The thing about the growth stages, however, is to know there is just as much a likelihood of the plant life dying as there is of it continuing to grow depending on its environment and level of nurturing given to it. Yet every stage – even the stage of the shoots is something for which gratitude is the right response. Those were things I experienced in October.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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