YIR15 – 07 – The Verdict

If my wealth was measured by the quality of people I know well, I would be ten times richer than Bill Gates.

One such quality person gave me the honour of visiting a group of us in July to deliver one of my favourite learning sessions of the year. Some people are reluctant to do things a bit differently when we gather. They prefer a passive experience that tickles their ears but does little beyond that for lasting change.

My friend calmly wrecked that arrangement with a court case where the church was put on trial. And the church really were put on trial with evidence submitted about God’s mission from the beginning and what Jesus expressed and how we live in the light of that. This was no monologue – there were questions we had to answer, when you are faced with the truth of your own (in)activity, it’s the sort of uncomfortable challenge that doesn’t get you hollering, but soberly dealing with what verdict would be rendered.

Such experiences leave an imprint.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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