YIR15 – 04 – Sober Reflection for Promising Progress

Things happen and sometimes it happens to get us to look at who we are as well as what we do in order to see if it makes sense to persist or to change.

April was such a month for that type of reflection. It was done in the company of good people who gave good insight on what I was doing and how it should change. Changes certainly took place in the commitments I made at the time and looking back on it now it feels like ages ago when my lot was with certain projects, but April was the necessary turning point where those were concerned.

I undertook a few short term commitments which did an outstanding job in getting me to look at issues like justice closer. I was convicted that what I do for the cause of injustice is not as much as could be done. Opportunities were developed in the training I delivered to address that and raise awareness of our responsibilities where that matters. The Bradford City fire disaster of 1985 was a big issue for me that I covered in training and as they prepared to mark the 30th anniversary of the event I found myself drawn to the case in a bit more detail. From that the stirring on issues of justice became a lot more apparent and I am grateful for the chances given to highlight it and challenge others on it too.

This transpired because good friends encouraged sober reflection that lead to promising progress for which I give God thanks.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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