Who Is It For?

There are things that bother me and I get caught up with it sometimes.

This week for example, there’s a football club doing poorly, so they sack the manager. No problem there, that’s the decision that should be taken when the club is not doing well. What gets bandied about, however, is how some of the players didn’t want to play ‘for the manager’. That’s just bizarre. The manager doesn’t pay the players. The owner of the club does. Surely you play for more than the manager – you play for your own professional pride, you play because it’s a job and as any responsible person that job has to be done to the best of your ability as your family and loved ones look on. You play for the present and you play for the future because you don’t know what could happen so playing well help establish a reputation for competence. So not playing well because of the manager in a way can be considered absolutely pathetic.

I have my issues with the institution and organisation, but I don’t live primarily for them. I live for the Owner. That means whenever things go wonky, I might kick up a fuss, I will certainly grouse a little, but I live for the Lord, that means my actions have to be directed by Him. Not just the actions, but my thoughts and feelings on the matter so that I am at peace in doing what God wants.

That’s not easy or natural when things suck. But that’s the journey of growing in knowing Jesus. It beats being absolutely pathetic.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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