No Wonder We Need So Much Help

One moment we are helping vulnerable people who find themselves fleeing the effects of violence and oppression. The next moment we enact decisions that will bring about more violence and oppression.

One moment the sight of those dying of malnutrition galvanises us to supply whatever we can to improve their situation. The next moment we implicitly support transactions that will make such help all the harder to deliver.

One moment the injustice of cultural intolerance is highlighted for the cruelty and inhumanity it is. The next moment such intolerance breeches into the aggressively intolerant of anyone whose views contradicts ours.

One moment the sincere love and commitment between the couple looks like it will overcome any obstacle. The next moment they only communicate through their legal representation, not even wishing to be seen anywhere near each other, even for the sake of their children.

One moment it’s a celebration of light, hope, peace and good will. The next moment it’s waking up to crippling debt, mind-numbing hangovers and regrets of the arguments the ‘drink made you have’ with all the family watching.

One moment they’re touting you as being in line for promotion and the rewards it will bring. The next moment you’re sitting in a room being told how cuts have meant some ‘restructuring’ in your department leaving all jobs classed as ‘at risk’.

One moment we’re capable of such good. The next moment it’s as though we don’t even recognise what good means anymore.

No wonder we need so much help.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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