Inspired By The Invisible Man

I have never read the book, watched a film or otherwise completed any sort of media about The Invisible Man. But I am a big fan of the concept.

There’s a question that’s asked in the circles I frequent about which ‘super power’ would you want if you could have any. After joking that I don’t want either Russia or America (geddit), my tendency is always towards invisibility. Let me be clear I would also want the capacity to be invisible and able to walk through solid objects. That would be brilliant.

The reason why I would want that power is not so I can sneak around and watch people like a voyeur. It’s more about enjoying the thought of being able to disappear.

Despite that desire, I recognise only too well that sometimes following Jesus will not allow that degree of anonymity. That’s why I appreciate all the more His love of being with the people and then spending time on His own. That balance of the crowd and solitude gives me hope that a healthy rhythm of life can be achieved.

Even if that rhythm doesn’t involve drinking a potion to become invisible.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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