Serenity in the Storm

I read the episode and still chuckle.

Jesus and his disciples in a boat. His disciples include hardened fishermen who know a thing or two about life on the waves. So when they freak out at a storm that threatens their lives, you must know it’s serious things.

Where’s Jesus in all the hullabaloo? Having a kip. When his disciples wake up he’s wondering why they’re bothering him. He gets up, calms the situation both outside the boat and in to the amazement of his followers. His response suggests that he should have been able to leave it to the disciples to sort out.

There are sermons, articles and the like that go over this episode. Yet the bit that still makes me chuckle is how Jesus is catching 40 winks while the boat catches 40 buckets of water that threaten to capsize the vessel. That’s funny to me. Also it’s as if the disciples ain’t happy that Jesus ain’t joining the party of panic. Talk about different expectations.

Serenity in storms is possible, then. It doesn’t show apathy to the storm, but it expresses confidence in the Master of earth, sea and sky.

Oh for the grace to trust Him more so as to experience the serenity in life’s storms.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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