As I Am His – No Conforming

Groups of believers mean well.

To see someone come among them, hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and be convicted with the subsequent desire to follow Jesus is a big deal. The family feel that can come with the new birth understandably comes with a sense of belonging and being a little possessive. After all that person is your baby.

Believers have that responsibility of nurture and support. Often the worse thing is the new believer being left alone to fend for themselves. There is, however, something about belonging to Jesus that necessarily means no longer conforming to what opposes Jesus. Jesus who delivers and enables becomes the central point of all life.

That might bring conflict with the prevailing culture at work, school, university or the home. At times, however, that can also rub up against Christian organisational structures. There are some gatherings whose expression may not fall in line completely with the desire of Jesus for His Body. It’s not about being disrespectful, rebellious or antagonistic (even if it will be misconstrued that way at times). It is about appreciating that to stand with Jesus is to only commit to conforming to His image – His image and nothing else.

God bless you in your endeavours to maintain that commitment.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden

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