Thank God for … Wholeness

The journey of following Jesus is about living in the now and the yet to come.

So His Kingdom is now and yet to come. His presence is here now and He is yet to come.

One particular truth in this series is the life of wholeness. A restored relationship with God actually declares wholeness now. Yet as I write these words with a sense of the need for physical fulfilment as I endure a head cold and vocational fulfilment regarding the use of all my skills and passions channelled productively, that wholeness is still yet to come.

The tensions between the two realities that is one can be highlighted in challenging times. That, however, is all the more reason to rejoice in the Lord always that His presence in me now is the guarantee of wholeness now. Being able to see that through ongoing dialogue with God through His Spirit and Word is an assurance for now.

For that I am grateful.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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