Thank God for … Jokers

Whether they know they’re jokers or not, the antics of jokers keeps me amused and then wary of my own tendency to be a joker.

By a joker, I am not referring to a homicidal maniac who seeks to cause chaos for the sake of it as well as to annoy Batman. Neither am I referring to comedians whose verbal or physical humour brings a chuckle.

A joker in this context is a posh fool. Posh in terms of giving the impression of competence and sophistication. Fool in the sense that beneath the veneer of respectability is the evidence of a messed up, pathetic and insubstantial entity. It may look all shiny and bright today, but before long it’s clear there is no substance and to invest further is to throw good to bad

Whether it’s a person or a company, a group or a couple, the world has jokers galore. The sad thing is sometimes their schemes draw in good people and hurt others when things go wrong. At least, however, the experience can serve to help others be aware of jokers and avoid them as much as possible.

For that I am grateful.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L  J. Dryden


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