This is Complete

She had never felt more exhilarated. She had never felt more free.

As she snuggled again in front of the telly to watch another episode of her favourite soap, she only felt a little restless. She was at home and away from there were things she no longer had to deal with. This was her sanctuary. She could be at peace here. As the end of the episode was signalled by the theme song, she got up to make a drink, still with a niggling feeling that things were not quite complete.

She stirred the cup absent-mindedly when a familiar sound stated that he had arrived.

“Ready to go?” he beamed as he bounced in the room.

She gave him a deadpan look, before breaking into a broad smile and nodding her head eagerly. Leaving her cup behind, she bounded into another adventure.

She was with her best friend. He was leading her and allowing her to lead. She was leading hum and allowing him to lead. They had an understanding and that understanding was not based on the certainty of what had been. It was based on the love for each other now and what things could be.

It enabled her to feel more free than she ever had before. As he looked at her and the joy in her smile, he knew he had made the best decision in his life. Even as it would cost him the greatest heartache.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden

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