I Don’t Like It

It was not easy getting used to this one.

He was not like the old one. Where she was very fond of the old one and had got used to him as a friend, a brother and perhaps with time something more, this new didn’t behave like the old one. She didn’t like it and wasted little time expressing it.

Beyond the more blunt approach, however, he was still considerate about her. He still looked out for her and protected her even as she railed against the new. He was insistent, however, this was going to be new and she would just have to get used to it.

“I don’t like it!” she complained with petulance. He looked at her sternly and showed her the door before turning his back as if to busy himself on the control panel. She stared at his back at the sheer cheek of him telling her she could go. She looked and softened as she saw the manic movements. She smiled and remembered that all of this was about travelling from the old to the new. That was the point in the first place. Not to disregard the value and foundation of what was, but neither believe that the bricks of the old could be the only ones to build the new.

She tapped him gently on the shoulder. He turned slowly and gave a raised eyebrow of enquiry. “I want to keep travelling with you,” she murmured, “It’s just hard getting used to you.”

“How do you think I feel?” he replied, “It’s new to me, too. I am who I am, though. You must never forget that. In all the change, my values and core purpose have not changed. Indeed, I change and evolve more to meet that purpose. Even in the somewhat gruff and unorthodox persona you see before you. It’s change, my dear, but for the better. You must believe that, yes?”

A kindly, meek smile met his and his broad grin confirmed the unsteady agreement.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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