The Shock of the New

She had not known him that long, but what she had known of him left her with the impression that he was kind if somewhat eccentric man. He wasn’t like anyone she had met before.

That sense was heightened by recent events. Having been on the brink of death, she was barely conscious of the fact that he had taken his own life to the very point of death itself to rescue her. As she came to consciousness, she saw him in what should have been his death throes. He muttered some words about regenerating and it feeling different this time, before he collapsed.

Then it happened. Right before her eyes. As the form of her usual swirled in a bright beam, seemingly in a flash there emerged a new man. Understandably she was stunned and amazed. She was particularly taken by surprise by his brusque and abrupt manner. Especially when in response to what happened she received the curt reply that it was, “Change, my dear, and it seems like not a moment too soon.”

The shock of the new can be unsettling, but the task is to get on with it, or the desire to put in place the old way of things will sadly not just ruin the blessing of the present. It will go on to actually ruin the purpose of the past.

That’s why change, sometimes, couldn’t come any sooner.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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