Managing Rest

There is a lot to do. No doubt about that.

I can understand the almost unrelenting drive to keep on doing something as there is always something to do. You can see it, whether you’re alone or with a family. Just thinking about it is hard work. Financial, physical, intellectual, social, domestic, etc. The laundry, the shopping, the ironing, the phone calls. How are you going to sort that out? How are you going to sort this out?

A lot to do.

So taking a break is more of a challenge than we initially see. You can ‘take time off’ but that in no way means you’re getting any rest. For it’s rolling in the mind and doing the somersaults as the anxiety eats away at any hope of much needed rest.

Those who buy into Sabbath don’t observe a rule, they enjoy a blessing. To enjoy the blessing, however, it has to be a commitment to truly rest. Rest particularly in the sense that in Christ exertion and effort can cease in seeing He has done all the exerting necessary and the work is done. Done once and for all. Even as He is seated at His Father’s right hand, so we sit. As that seating ensures completion for enjoyment, so that aspect of completion can stimulate that expression of rest.

Followers of Christ have just as much a responsibility to express that rest to an exhausted world constantly on the go as they must show the light of the world is Jesus to a world of darkness.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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