Managing Responsibilities

Time, resources, relationships and self. Key elements that can thrive under great management to the benefit of many. Key elements that lead to tremendous misery and disaster when poorly managed.

Interwoven in these key elements is the concept of responsibility.

My interaction with responsibility has been strange over the years. When I was a child looking at my parents, being responsible seemed like a big deal. I didn’t want all of that deal, especially with the hard work it involved. As I became by age an adult there some responsibilities that appeared worth pursuing. I felt aggrieved never to be given the opportunity of exercising these responsibilities. Meanwhile the actual responsibility I had been given – over my self, the resources, relationships and time given were not utilised so well. So whilst bemoaning lost opportunities, I missed plenty because I wasn’t making the most of what I had.

It’s a privilege and an honour to be given responsibility. From being told to tidy the bedroom to being asked to lead a family, an organisation or a country. It is the key elements and their management that helps express how faithful we are in the responsibilities we are given.

The first responsibility is intrinsically linked to the first relationship that informs all life. A lot of my downfall is rooted in neglect of the first responsibility – responding to the One who first calls me in love by grace from darkness into light. Called me from death to life. Called me from self-delusion into awareness of the need to relate to Him that enables me to relate to others in love and grace.

When that first responsibility is in place, it certainly helps everything else. When it comes to abundant living when I get that first responsibility right, I can look at everything else in life and know I can manage.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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