Managing Resources

Food, clothing, accommodation, storage, transport, communication devices, workplace equipment and a partridge in a pear tree.

Most of those things listed above constitute the resources we are used to managing (or not) to some degree in our lives. Conspicuous by its absence, you may have noticed, is money.

Of all the resources we manage, money is arguably the most contentious and some argue is the most essential. That argument is based on money making the world go around and the amount of products and services that are fundamentally assessed on financial cost, worth and benefit.

The thing that intrigues me about our seemingly absolute devotion to money is that it’s not an end in itself. Having money means little unless there is a desired outcome for it. Whether that outcome is materials now, or to bequeath to others after death, money is not the end – and yet our worship of it essentially makes it so. Failure to have money brings about stigma and alienation. Success in accumulating large amounts leads to being the target of admiration and jealousy. All for something that has such a grip on society that it affects virtually every other aspect of life.

The ability to manage these resources comes down to what commitment we have made to God. A superficial or contrived relationship will result in people making false idols of prosperity in their own minds. A healthy humility to the Lordship of Jesus Christ ensures all resources at our disposal are invested in ways that please rather than to gratify the flesh.

Embracing godly wisdom for the effective management of resources will lead to less headache and heartache about them. It’s important that is applied now more than ever.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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