Can I Cope?

Issues and hassles in life can be seen to choke the hope out of people.

Bad stuff happens and keeps happening. Bad people seem to get away with badness and some decent folks appear to be struggling and facing hardships. Those who you expect to relieve the pressure only appear to pile more on. Organisations that are scheduled to help disappoint in their failure to move beyond bureaucratic mazes of paperwork nightmares and power mad, money obsessed, target-driven executives and religious leaders.

There’s enough to be choking the hope and that’s not even considering the fights and fears, failings and flaws that dwell within.

With all that choking the hope, how do I cope?

There is hope based on the promises of God for the future. The return of His Son. The full realisation of His Kingdom of peace, joy and justice. The time of life without pain, sin and death. The delight of eternity with God and all in His family.

That’s great hope.

Hope of what is yet to be realised is beautiful. There is however the call to believe and trust for today. No point in looking forward to something if it doesn’t inform how to live today. That indicator is about failing to accept the things that choke the hope as all there is to reality. That says that the things that choke today should be opposed today, not neglected, ignored or dismissed as though they don’t choke. They can be opposed by bringing the light of the hope of what will be into the apparent darkness of what is.

I often struggle to cope. That which chokes from time to time has a firm grip around my neck and renders me inert. Sometimes that state of being inert has its own momentum that is only overcome by the powerful jolt of the One who gives the light in the first place. His keeping power also breaks the power of inertia. That’s all the more essential as others get stuck in the hopelessness as if that’s all there is to life.

How I cope is to live now in the light of hope now.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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