Good Friends Last

Recently I came across two episodes that highlighted both the reality of change and the value of things enduring.

A major reason why I started blogging almost 10 years ago was because of my best friend at university. Funnily enough it’s almost 20 years ago since I first met him. I found out that he got married of late and it made me think how times have changed even if he hasn’t that much in terms of his physical appearance.

Meanwhile, a friendship that I began to develop almost 10 years ago blessed me tremendously. Steve is a guy I have a great deal of time for. He has been a great source of conversation sharing insights on our mutual love of football in particular. I got to visit him and just chill in his crib and share tidbits of life. To be able to still do that after the various moves and changes in my life was something so precious. It reminded me of the value of relationships and why they should be treasured.

Great people and great relationships are priceless. I don’t always appreciate them as much as I should. They are glimpses of God to me. I thank Him for them and trust that whenever I can and however I can, I won’t take them for granted.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


One thought on “Good Friends Last

  1. Spooky. Only earlier this morning I wrote a post to buy friend who lives in New York. Her her aunt passed away last year and as a consequence we met up at her funeral for the first time.

    Aunt Mays passing brought us together
    I hope this blessing will last for ever.
    Her death was the birth of our friendship.

    I admire her faith which is rock-solid, Steadfast and truly firm. Ms Doreen puts her trust in The Almighty and God is clearly integral in all she does. “Miss Doreen”, as I often call you. Please continue to continue encouraging me in my real struggle to find faith.

    Ms Doreen’s friend ship is definitely priceless.

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