Why The Quiet?

It’s not that I have been completely mute.

There have been times when I have seen the vow of silence as a positive thing. Essentially, though, I have not been mute in that time. What I have done is gathered a new found love for headphones.

I don’t love headphones because they block out others. On the contrary it was because of others that I truly embraced the benefit of headphones. There’s something very warm and inviting listening to a track on the headphones that’s completed missed on the listening of the track in the open. There’s the appreciation of the different musical instruments and the mixing of them. It shows that the mixing is such a science and an art that blends together to bless the ear and the inner ear.

One of the things that has come from it is the importance of trust in intimacy when it’s one to one from one to the other. In the light of that I valued the art of responding in silence – not having to say a word.

Sometimes such fresh appreciation allow me to value that it’s good to see seasons of such quietness.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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