Takes The Broken

When it comes to writing a blog post I don’t always know what to write.

As you might have noticed I have been kinda on the quiet side particularly over the month of September. I would like to tell you that the break was due to a need for rest and recuperation. It would be great to inform you that I had a planned holiday from blogging and it was refreshing every step of the way.

The reality is, however, that a number of things happened over the last month that was very challenging. The blog silence was as much about having nothing to say because of the situation as it was about anything else. This blog entry is not being written from the position of being triumphantly overcoming all the issues. It’s from a position where some of the challenges remain very real and threatening.

Yet here I am writing. I am here writing because the process of enduring and possibly healing is through doing something I find genuine joy in doing. I love words. I love reading them. I love hearing them. I love speaking them. I love writing them.

What has given particular focus for this first outing in a while is a timely song playing on repeat on my music system. That being Stuart Townend’s My God.

When I came to Stoke-on-Trent for the first time in almost five years I remember sharing that song as it had huge significance to me especially in my understanding of who God is. It is even more poignant for me as I remember the God who takes the broken. For years I didn’t consider myself worth much because I was so broken. Recently I discovered again just how great His grace is to me in taking the broken.

I have not returned to blogging to  be just spouting out any old guff that comes into my head. That’s what Evernote is for. (Grin) I am back to blogging because He still takes the broken to make them whole. He does that to people, He does that relationships,. He does that to communities. He is doing that to the entire world. Celebrating that and being grateful for the impact of that in my own life spurs me to write on.

Enjoy the blogging as I blog along.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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