Accommodate, Acclimatise, Assimilate

Accommodate – give space for, allow room for someone or something.

Acclimatise – process of getting used to new conditions.

Assimilate – take on the aspects, behaviours and values of the new environment often resulting in resembling the environment.

Those are the thoughts that go on in my head when I consider these three terms. Sometimes I have viewed these terms in a negative light. For example I have seen accommodating the views and thoughts of others as sometimes being the road to compromise and the distinctive by which you should be known is removed from the equation.

Acclimatise is an aspect that I have been a bit wary of because it seems as though there is such a chameleon-type aspect to the approach that authenticity is sacrificed.

Assimilate, however, has got to be the worst one that I have considered. I have not had to be a Star Trek fan to detect the sinister tones of what it is to not just mimic but blatantly adopt that which belongs to your surroundings just to fit in.

Yet the very things that I have seen negative aspects to these words when they are focused in specific ways turn these into life-changing and life-giving dynamics.

Accommodating the will of God – giving Him the space to come in and have a say in proceedings and beautifying my life. Something that could never happened unless I properly accommodated Him.

Acclimatising to the Kingdom of God and His righteousness is essential. It’s never to say we acclimatise to any other aspect of life and indeed the ability to acclimatise there is the basis for us to succeed anywhere else because it’s dependent on values such as humility, kindness, patience and compassion.

Assimilating the image of the Son is the goal of us individually and collectively. It’s far more than giving a good impression it is truly espousing and expressing the character of Christ because you have truly taken Him on and taken Him in. It’s not about being machines lifeless and helpless. It’s about expressing the hope we have in Christ to the world in its multi-faceted glory.

These three aspects of life – have new light and give new life to be in the wonder of His love and kindness.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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