And … Action

There’s a stereotypical presentation of a movie set that I recall.

Rehearsals will involve the key characters and the set would be constructed with the appropriate props in place. Through this whole process the cast and crew are guided to how the scene should be delivered by the leading of the director. Once she is satisfied with the rehearsals then there will be time for a shoot.

Once everything is set up and there is quiet on set, the director nods her approval and there’s someone who say, “And … Action!” Following which the scene is played out asit should be.

There is an impression that certain gatherings are like perpetual rehearsals. The set up is made, people go through their lines, but there’s rarely a sense in which it connects with the film of life it’s meant to take place in. After that there’s alsoa sense of rehearsing but little in the way of actually following the leading of the Director.

Maybe it’s not for us to just be going through rehearsals for our own benefit. Maybe it’s time to geton with the shoot and follow the instructions of the Director.

And … Action.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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