Today is my wife’s birthday.

I have been a witness to 15 of these now and on some of these occasions I have left a note on here about her. It felt right to do so again because of one overwhelmingly endearing aspect of her character.

Among the many reasons why I love this beautiful woman is because she is authentic. I know we live with masks on and defences on. We don’t want to get hurt, we know others could hurt us, we don’t want that happening, so shields up and masks on. Of course in the process if that means no one really knows us or can truly love us because they can never reach us, that’s a price we think we’re able to pay to stay safe. We are not safe, though. We’re not even protected. We slowly stagnate and erode in the prison we have made for ourselves. Longing to be free but too afraid of what might happen if we were.

My wife is not perfect, but she is authentic. That has meant as I have grown to know her and love her she has shown the benefits of living without the mask. The benefits in terms of genuine fellowship with God and with loved ones. She more than anyone has softened my heart to those things. She more than anyone continues to provoke and challenge me to live in that light and not retreat to the mask.

I am grateful to God for her in my life for reasons like that. Her authenticity helps others even as it helps her to be reflective on who shapes her character and behaviour.

There is so much that can be said in thanksgiving to God for my beautiful partner of days. For today I just give Him thanks for the authenticity of Authrine Dryden.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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