Having A Break

Relentlessly working appears to be an admirable quality in some.

Activity to activity, program to program, the energy required is unceasing and the ability to manage hectic schedules is seen as a strength. I am glad that God did not design creation to operate on such a basis.

The cycle of work and rest remains one of those that genuinely reflect what we’re created to be and to whom we’re created. Taking a break is just as valuable an act of worship as anything else. Truly resting and ceasing from work helps us to appreciate how amazing the grace of God is. Grace in operation whether we work or not. Grace that enables us to work and cease from working.

Appreciating that time in the break can refresh us, refocus us on why we do what we do and the One we do it for.

Maybe it’s time the relentless types take a break.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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