Having A Meal

Someone pointed out to me that the Garden of Eden was the first restaurant in creation.

That makes God the first waiter and chef. Talk about quality customer service, God was thus the first five star restaurateur. Imagine all the fruit in all the garden at his disposal. The only way to get kicked out of the restaurant was to succumb to a dodgy review by a cunning critic.

Jesus later gets us to celebrate a way back to the restaurant through participating in a Supper with a difference. Here things were fulfilled that brought together a community of grace around the central idea that one man made all the difference in the world through His anguish, suffering, crucifixion and resurrection. At that meal we are truly fed until we want no more.

It’s an honour to be invited to a meal with the additional delight of knowing what can be learnt about each other, while we engage with the Yorkshire Pudding. It’s a great time to break down barriers and build bridges between cultural groups.

All around the power of the meal.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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