When It’s Not Good To Stay Inside

I love the great outdoors … from inside.

Not one for great explorations of mountains and that kinda thing. Going out camping is not my thing. Even my idea of a holiday is going to visit my brother … in Milton Keynes. (That’s hardly a trip to somewhere exotic … not far either.) I love me the indoors. The favourite chair. The warmth. The chilling. The food. The comfort. Love it.

The beauty of the indoors is that it is your space and when you invite people into your space you get to create a suitable environment. Plus it doesn’t tend to rain.

The problem is, however, if the heart is to extend the heart of the family, I can’t stay indoors. If we want others to experience the beauty and warmth, I can’t stay indoors. In fact for the indoor experience to be expanded and deepened, I can’t stay indoors.

I am grateful for the loving friends who took me outside to appreciate the value of that. It’s good to know too that it applies not just to my experience. It’s a problem that affects aspects of some church cultures.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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