Maybe: A Word On The Lament


Talk about laments over in Ezekiel 19 got me really thinking about how perhaps God takes us to and through seasons of misery to truly feel the sorrow of broken creation and the yearning for the release of the sons of God to redeem it.

Maybe sometimes we are too quick to jump to the ‘God is my strength and hope’. Maybe we want to get there quickly so we don’t have to deal too much with the mourning, the weeping, the pain and the brokenness.

But maybe God won’t allow that quick an escape.

Maybe His purposes are revealed through us spending time in sackcloth and ashes in affinity with pain in the world. The betrayal, the despair, the agony, the confusion, the illnesses, the disease, the corruption, the divorces, the deaths.

Maybe we endure seasons of that in preparation for the joy of salvation, the hope of restoration and the plan of redemption.


For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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