Pleasing To The Father

My brother is a father of two. He’s a great Dad. He doesn’t believe it himself, but that’s typically him.

I was told I was a decent Dad by someone (no, not my Mum), but I wasn’t completely convinced, but that’s typically me.

What both my brother and I would agree was we have a great Dad. He did an outstanding job looking after his family ensuring their security was assured and their upbringing was sound.

Today we remember Dad and also consider what life is like thanks to him. As I consider it, although I ain’t waving the flag of being an awesome Dad, I am also aware that the best way to honour the life my Dad lived for us is not to mimic him. It’s to follow the same God that helped him to be the father, husband, brother and worker he was.

It was how my Dad deferred to the heavenly Father that essentially helped me to learn that to know what it was to be a father, it’s essential to look at the Father. That way looking to be pleasing to the Father I knew would please my Dad. That is to acknowledge that in just the same way that the heavenly Father was full of grace and still disciplines those He calls his own, so in the upbringing of my own children striking the right note with them is crucial.

Deferring to my heavenly Father defines how I do fatherhood. I am nowhere near perfection, but seeing perfection in action in my life through the loving Father motivates me to still seek that which is pleasing to my Father.

The hope is that the children will see the Father in their Dad and likewise pursue Him and allow that to define them, even as my Dad did a sterling job in sharing that example with my brother and I.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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