Going Beyond

Whether by choice or through circumstance there is something about faith that goes beyond the seen reality.

Faith took Noah beyond what was seen in the day to deliver his family from the impending doom to a world cleansed anew. Faith took Abram beyond his familiar dwellings to a promise he never realised but pursued it and achieved it. Faith took Joseph beyond his family into slavery, imprisonment and then the highest office in a super power delivering his family from famine.

Faith took Paul beyond the comfort of the gospel proclaimed to his own people to reach foreign cultures and views even impressing dignitaries with his single minded devotion to Jesus Christ. Faith took John beyond his profession as a fisherman to be a true fisher of men influencing many with a life sold out to loving God and loving others.

This is a small sample of faith experiences that took beyond the known to a greater known by the author of faith.

So it’s disappointing seeing some purport the faith to be more about conserving and consolidation. Keeping it on the lock down and celebrating sustaining the status quo and in no way looking to overturn it in faithfulness to God.

Oh for pioneers who walk by faith and in doing so go beyond.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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