It’s Not About Crutches

A crutch may help you to move, but it doesn’t help you to walk.

I was reminded recently that the Christian faith is not about crutches. Jesus came to bring about wholeness. That was exemplified on occasions with those who previously could not walk being able to walk. He did not offer a crutch, indeed once His serving was finished he told people to pick up what they leant on and walk on.

The Way is a path we have got to walk through and Jesus enables us to walk through it. To do so effectively He will enable us to get rid of the crutches we feel need to help us on the way.

Crutches like systems and forms that helped for a season, but now may act more as a hindrance than a help in getting along the Way. In fact sometimes we rest on the crutch so much that we cannot see anyway to make progress without it. This is sad because walking by faith only requires Jesus – anything else and anything added to that can cause significant damage to that walk – ironically leaving us in a position where we may need crutches.

Meanwhile the world around us goes from crutch to crutch limping along waiting for the true source to restore their ability to walk. Will those who follow the way walk in it, or mimic the crutch syndrome?

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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