Mountains, Plains and Valleys

I am grateful for the variety of experiences that come in life.

There are on the height of a mountain experiences. The sheer exhilaration of accomplishing a goal and looking at how vast the land of life looks from that perspective is brilliant. It’s a great position to get the degree of intimacy in the glory and greatness of God who can use such occasions to enjoy Him. Mountaintop literally is breathtaking, but sometimes in the euphoria there is the neglect of what it took to get there and the fact that it is not the destination.

There are the depths of the valley. These are rightly viewed as lows and often involve sorrowful reflections. Susceptible to darkness, these moments are wrought with all the w questions: Why am I here? What can I do to get out? Where is the way of escape? When will it be over? Rarely are these occasions in company. Often these moments feel lonesome and full of anxiety. The beauty in the valley is noting there is beauty in the valley. Often so overwhelming can be the sense of the low that we neglect the beauty that is there in the valley. There can be something reassuring and faith strengthening walking through the valley. There is something humbling about knowing there is nothing and no one to depend on other than the one who grants His presence for the valley experience.

In between there are the plains. Here the compelling, relentless expanse reminds us how this is where the majority of life takes place. It’s not always highs and lows, it’s negotiating the vast in between. Allowing the triumph of the mountain and valley to support us in what might be seen as the mundane of the regular, but is often the area for greatest growth and beauty.

That’s why I am grateful for the variety of experiences this life journey offers.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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