Short Change

The offers at the store was to get two for £1.

As John had change in various arrangements and he carefully sorted out the £3 he needed for two vegetarian sausage rolls, two traditional pasties a corned beef pasty and a spicy beef pasty. Having successfully received his order, he approached the counter to pay for his goods.

When he dug into his pocket to retrieve the handful of coins, he thought he had given the sales assistant everything.

There are two types of sales assistants. The thorough and the slapdash. On this occasion, John encountered Sister Slapdash. She looked at the amount of change, worked out the initial £2 and casually said it was the correct amount.

However having checked his pockets again John detected a 20p piece resisting the call for payment. Noticing how slapdash the assistant was, he duly informed her of the shortfall and made amends. Sister Slapdash’s approach could have short-changed the company she was supposed to be serving.

John left hoping he was not slapdash living for Jesus.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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