Peace and Permanence of the Alternative

Lately I was sharing about pointing to the alternative, not long after that I was considering the privilege of pursuing the alternative.

That just leaves me to conclude this brief series on the Kingdom alternative by highlighting two of its most compelling features.

The peace that’s desired by so many in the world is understandable and endearing. The cessation of conflict and the coming together of former combatants to arrange a more cordial arrangement of relations. That is an admirable desire and goal for most people’s idea of peace. Even this desire however runs aground of a thorny topic – the human condition.

History has shown that the human being is capable of positive stances and approaches and almost in the same breath incredible acts of depravity. Any peace settlement, however well meaning, can be subject to the changing temperament of man. It only requires a trigger incident and alliances can be broken as conflict resumes.

This is essentially because it remains impossible to legislate not just for the behaviour of man, but the very heart’s desire. The best psychoanalysts have attempted and failed to truly penetrate this aspect of the human condition.

This is the heart of where the alternative is so compelling because Jesus reaches parts all else cannot. He can reach there because He knows better than anyone what it takes to pierce through the culture, through the family, through the experiences, through the personality and character and get to the heart of the matter. Not only can He reach there but He’s able to pour that out into implications that affect every aspect of creation.

That capacity to bring wholeness in this broken world is why He is worthy of the title Prince of Peace. Such is His capability that the peace He inaugurates is an eternal peace even as the Kingdom He pronounces and presents has no end and will never be defeated.

That’s it’s worth pointing people to the alternative with all passion. That’s why it’s worth pursuing the alternative persistently. It’s worth it because this alternative is a permanent state of affairs that will not fail and it ushers in a peace that encapsulates justice, compassion and wholeness to a degree none of the current life-scripts offer.

It’s time to consider the life-consuming appeal of the Kingdom Alternative.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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