Teaching and Learning

One of the people I admire a great deal who I know of only through his online presence is Alan Knox. A quote of his was posted on Facebook recently and he said the following:

“I found that I learn more from those who are attempting to learn from others than those who are attempting to teach others.”

In as much as I can teach, and I love to teach, I hope I actually open people’s capacity to learn and then share with others in what they learn so we can all learn together.

It’s great to learn in an environment that encourages everyone to participate and as a result a richer experience can emerge. Not that it will happen all the time, but it honours the truth that if we’re all engaged to learn and desire to learn together we can do far more to grow than merely relying on the expertise of one.

It’s something that becomes all the more important if the fullness of the learning experience is to be realised where learners enable other learners to become learners who enable other learners to learn.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


One thought on “Teaching and Learning

  1. I think one of the noblest things we can do, Chris, is to ask people questions that lead them to think issues through for themselves. It’s something that Jesus did all the time, and he was happy to leave them pondering. He was a great teacher, in fact the best teacher ever! And in this as in all things, if we are truly his disciples won’t we become more and more like him?

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