Who Is Serving Who?

The thing is it is so silly. We made it in the first place.

We harnessed materials and resources. We put them to innovative and creative use. We said they were going to make our lives better. We even saw merit in them initially, they had use and served a purpose.

Then it got weird. The use became over-use and the over-use became misuse. Now rather than enjoying it for the benefits it offered, there was a use that became an addiction, an obsession, a compulsive drive as if our identity was inextricably entwined with it. With it – the thing, the inanimate object that we had made to our design for our service.

It is subtle especially since they can sometimes be disposable commodities. We think we’re alright, we’re in control, we are not deluded – or so we say. Yet chivvy away at the facade and ask some difficult questions about values and it leaves us with a tough question not just about the role ‘things’ take in our life, but about the values that matter and what we’re willing to do to uphold those values.

Who is serving who?

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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