Why We Need His Love

This human experience is filled with ups and downs.

People have such pleasant sides to them. Lovely smiles, warm welcomes, gestures of concern and interest, suitable arrangements and services if there’s a problem. It can look so well. Look what happens when there’s a massive disaster, consider the overflow of generosity in seeking to help. There are those stories of random kindness in all walks of life that lets us know that humans are capable of goodness.

People have such unpleasant sides too. We can go through the list of atrocities and disgraces that have happened primarily because the human being is capable of it. From mass murders to ripping off millions for millions to gross injustices that sees small countries forever indebted to corporate global forces with little to no consideration for the plight of those civilians who never signed up to these in the first place.

Those broad strokes of general human behaviour don’t even get into the specific experiences individuals face every day of their lives. The shallow approaches, the superficial responses, the hypocrisy, the back-stabbing, the bitterness, the malice, the unforgiveness, the smiles that act as thin veils for twisted, upset and uptight attitudes.

Even beyond those issues, we all have bad days. Bad days where bad things happen and in as much as we want to keep our emotions in check, things just become unbearable and …

Well you can see for all the pleasant things of humanity ever before us, there still remains those issues that let us know there’s a way to go before we reach peace.

It’s only His love that can help us see ourselves for who we are. It’s only His love that can allow us to accept His forgiveness. It’s only His love that can extend that forgiveness to others. It’s only His love that can help us deal with the unpleasant aspects of ourselves and others and exercise something beyond us that was always created for us to be – truly, deeply loving people.

That’s why we need His love.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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