Relationships Basically

It should be straightforward.

The whole law hangs on two things – love God, love your neighbour. That’s pretty clear. Who’s your neighbour? Anyone you see who has a need. That first person is usually the person you live with and extends from there in your everyday life.

The love from above helps the love on the earth and the love on the earth should reflect the love from above. The problem of course being that we don’t focus above to reflect that love and find it odd that we’re not receiving the love from above on the earth … because others likewise are not focussed on above for the love.

That is just on a person-to-person basis.

Imagine how that works between groups of people. So what we’re looking at is how to move away from harsh and regimented ways of engaging to more organic means of relationship.

No matter which way you cut it though, the basic remains the same – whatever the focus is on will determine the energy that guides the relationship. The focus need not be about our sacred cows and our hold on control. It can be on the One whose love comes from above and continues to make a difference to the hardest heart. Focus anywhere else leads to the same outcomes that have brought people in despair.

It should be straightforward – it isn’t – we don’t lose hope, we keep our focus on the love from above.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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