Answering The Identity Question In A Snapshot of David

I was in this event recently and one of the speakers said something that is still profound.

A problem starts when people prioritise what they do over who they are. When that happens there’s a tendency to be activity driven with a character deficit. The whole life existence involves both it is fundamental, however when actions are put over who you are that often leads to so many of societies major discrepancies. The discontent, the depraved acts, the social misdeeds, the mental health issues and so on and so forth.

Investment in answering those identity questions is worth its weight in gold. It need not be a strictly intellectual musing exercise. Reading through the book of 1 Samuel I see the character development of David is not something that primarily takes place with him thinking under the philosopher’s stone. His identity is forged under the decisions he makes from taking his responsibilities as a shepherd seriously, to acknowledging the capability of God to defeat any uncircumcised Philistine no matter the stature.

identity is reaffirmed and developed through intentional engagement in the key relationship with the Creator who creates us and defines us. David experiences that when he enjoys the exultations of the people after the Goliath and when he endures being a fugitive when Saul’s jealousy.

Experiences are good opportunities for us to see what’s going on inside and allow God to shape our identity to be just like that of His Son.

It’s still a profound relaity to see the effects of prioritising character to see great reward in the acts we will commit.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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