It’s Not How Things Are Usually Done

He must have disappointed some.

They were expecting someone to roll in and overthrow the oppressive political regime of the day. They wanted him to establish the throne back as it was in the old days. They longed for that. They longed for the good old days of glory, glory Israel. But no.

Instead he overturns tables and engages in verbal sparring with the religious rulers who are the authority on the key issues.

What’s also remarkable about him though is that he speaks of eating His flesh and drinking His blood. That the Kingdom is for those who are poor in Spirit and persecuted for his sake. He speaks of turning the other cheek and loving enemies. He embraces those marginalised in society. He has no problem touching lepers. It’s all par for the course for him to get his hands dirty giving sight to the blind. He isn’t bothered about doing things on the Sabbath that the religious authorities have said is strictly forbidden.

His death is hardly one of a great man – it’s reserved for the worst criminals.

But now look at his followers. Turning the world upside down with their talk of his resurrection and prepared to die for the cause of spreading the good news in word and deed. Look at how they continue to annoy and agitate the status quo. Not through overt political campaigns in a bid for power, but in a community expression of their Lord’s peace and righteousness.

The smug and selfish in the community cannot stay settled because their voice and their witness continually undermines that lifestyle. The proud and arrogant have their ways highlighted by the humility and meekness of those who follow in the way of their Example.

The oppressed and downtrodden, those without hope and rejected by their own are embraced by this community of followers. The norms of the pursuit of power, glory and riches are turned upside down by these generous, submissive and joy-filled people.

That may well disappoint those who were looking for something else.

For those who are looking for something true, deep, real and lasting they are never disappointed by the one who showed the way that pleases God.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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