An Alternative To The Posturing

As I sit and watch I see characters completely devoted to their own cause. Not flexible at all to the thought of working with others especially if it comes to sacrificing their own platform.

This is where I long to see a Christian alternative. An alternative that is not about one perspective overcoming another, but seeing how the perspectives line up with a shared understanding of Christ as revealed in His Word. With grace and humility underpinning the conversation it won’t be about supremacy and dominance of one over another. On the contrary we seek to serve each other and submit to each other for the sake of the wholeness that God delights in.

That genuinely collegial approach of ministers not looking for their mandate or agenda to dominate, but excited about God will cause His will to be expressed among them through their various gifts and inclinations.

It’s a good thing that in a Kingdom there’s no need for voting on who is in charge. It’s a good thing that the example of our King is not demanding or looking to persuade allegiance through eye-catching slogans and gimmicks. They called Him Teacher and Lord and they were right to do so and He expressed in great acts of humility even to the point of the cross.

That degree of humility can be the character of our engagements as we seek the way forward as a community of good relationships. Perhaps through that mutual submission resolutions to issues won’t be an issue of posturing and proclaiming how your way is the only way. Maybe the right way can be sought out muddling through together rather than seeking the brash and suave charismatic personality.

It may not win the majority of votes, but it doesn’t need to in the peace, joy and righteousness of God’s rule.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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