What To Do About Injustice


All of life is about God.

That’s a lesson I keep learning just in case I think there’s an avenue untouched by the reality of Him.

On this occasion I was busy minding my own business. Literally. My business among other things involves delivering Health & Safety training. That involves showing the Bradford Stadium Fire disaster of 1985. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve shown the video I am still emotionally moved by just how quickly and devastatingly the fire made its way through a stand eventually claiming 56 lives.

It’s one thing to be emotionally moved, but from time to time I like to check up on what’s going on with what I deliver. That lead me to an article like this. The contents of this and associated articles really irked me.

Just the thought that some injustice had taken place which left a matter unresolved and swept under a carpet of silence with the complicity of a community and an entire institution was perturbing.

Perturbing though that was, it got me thinking about other significant injustices a lot closer to home for me. Injustices like people with abilities, talents and gifts to contribute to the enhancement of the community being squashed. Squashed by intolerant attitudes. Squashed by traditions and rituals that believe only one person has got the goods when it comes to how things should be done. Squashed by a complicity to let the vocal and domineering minority oppress the majority. Squashed by broken promises and shattered dreams. Squashed by the inadequacy and insecurity of people who themselves could have done with a bit more love and kindness on their journey.

While that state of affairs remains it’s as if the message of the Kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy needs to be expressed. As well as expressed it needs to be experienced for the benefit of the squashed. It needs to be expressed and experienced so that injustices will no longer prevail.

Of course voicing that too loudly might ruffle a few feathers, particularly those who benefit from the status quo. Yet it’s a good thing we’re standing in the shadows of some people who did well in expressing and experiencing this reality – even as it cost them their lives. It’s also a good thing that we’re not doing this off our own steam or even for our own glory. It’s a good thing that we represent the King who lived among us, suffered rejection for expressing and experiencing this reality – but overcame it all to show there is a way of justice that prevails.

That’s a reassuring truth to cling on to. It’s a reassuring truth that also reminds us that the quest for this rule of righteousness and peace goes to show the overriding reality …

All of life is about God.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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