What’s Your Hang Up?

What’s your hang up?

The way the people dress when they go in that building really shows no reverence to God. I remember growing up when we all know that going into the hallowed sanctuary required the appropriate attire. Now these people have no respect!

What’s your hang up?

These people have it in for me. They want me to be as stiff and boring as they are wearing clothes as though I’m going to a funeral or something. They are so old fashioned and out of date, no wonder they’re full of old people.

What’s your hang up?

I don’t have a clue what they’re saying half the time. If it’s not that King James language stuff, it’s all those fancy words and sayings they mention all the time. It’s a bit creepy sometimes. Why do they talk about blood all the time? If I wanted to hang around with vampires and cannibals I would go back to Horrorfest.

What’s your hang up?

They are watering down the truth with all these new fangled translations and hip use of technology. Why don’t they just give us the hymn books, they had proper songs in them. If I wanted to listen to all these love songs, I would go back to my Marvin Gaye collection.

What’s your hang up?

These people don’t pray and study enough. We have prayer meetings and bible studies and hardly anyone is coming out to them. And they wonder why the church doesn’t grow. I tell you if we don’t pray and study the Bible we will never grow.

What’s your hang up?

These people don’t care about the community. They spend all their time in that building praying and singing songs and hearing to one man talking at them for an hour before throwing money in a basket to do the same thing over and over again. This isn’t what church is meant to be about. And they wonder why the church doesn’t grow.

What’s your hang up?

When will these people stop bickering. They are always arguing about something. No wonder people don’t stay here. There’s always some petty argument about something going on. They don’t wear the right clothes or they don’t sing the right songs or read the right version. One group believes we should be studying more. Another group believes we should be doing more outreach and everyone just seems to be in such a stress over matters. That’s not even getting into how two sisters won’t talk to each other because of something that happened ten years ago. Or why that brother doesn’t get recognised by anyone because he doesn’t fit everyone else. If they don’t sort it out, I will leave this church and go to a better church.

What’s your hang up?

There was a man who walked on earth preaching and practising the rule of God on earth. He got hung up on a cross for His efforts as people didn’t understand Him and people fear what they do not understand. Yet even as He died, He amazingly asked God to forgive those who were killing Him. Then after three days He rose from the dead and enabled others to preach and practise the rule of God on earth.

That’s worth getting hung up about.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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