Recounting the Cost

It’s worth saying again that in as much as you think you’ve counted the cost there are always emerging factors that muddies the waters.

Committing to follow Jesus Christ can appear a wonderful and beautiful thing at first. He has rescued us from sin and by His Spirit He lives within. We have newfound joy. There’s a spring in the step and He has made us glad. Hallelujah, praise Jesus. Of course we heard the stern warnings that told us of rough times ahead. Some scarred and battered folks even talk about climbing up the rough side of the mountain to make it look as though you’ll need climbing gear and get read to do without oxygen when you’re following Jesus. But despite all that there is still a sense of exhilaration because no matter what you’re going through, you’ve been assured, He will be right there.

And then you get to grips with the ‘what you’re going through’ bit.

Whether it’s dealing with the backlash of your commitment or you run up against issues from within that rise to the surface and challenge your faith. Whatever it is as you progress further there are opportunities to genuinely count the cost again. Following Jesus can cost you your job. Or your close relationships. Or your ambitions. Following Him can cost you all of that and He still gives you a chance as to whether or not you want to go through with it.

Here’s the thing about the cost of discipleship – whatever we pay in the things we sacrifice, the things we lose, the things that must pass from us. What are they really worth in the eternal perspective? And who has really paid the price? Who has paid the ultimate price for us to actually receive the life that helps us overcome this world? Who has paid for it all?

So it’s good to have things that helps you revisit what the commitment really means and what it really costs. I am saying it’s good to recount the cost. As we do so we can also consider what we will one day exchange our crosses for and put those costs in that perspective.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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