Wondering What To Do

I think often my perplexed state is due to forgetting what I was told.

Here’s how it works. My beloved wife requires her morning cup of coffee. I get out of bed, grab my phone, find a tune to listen to. Whilst looking Deborah, my dear firstborn bids me a good morning and wonders if she can do her reading. I remind her what she needs to accomplish first. She carries on her merry way.

I have almost found the tune when Abigail, my dear middle child pops up all ready in her uniform and looks like she has nothing to do. I ask her if she has completed her morning duties. Initially she says yes, but after The Look remembers what she needed to get done and goes about her business. I have now found my tune, I am downstairs and then Zoe the blessed last born pops up and gives her huge smile and hug and informs me she’s going to brush her teeth, which is brilliant. I am impressed.

Well that was easy. Now as I proceed I remember the tune I was going to listen to AND that I needed to iron my shirt before going to work. I get it ironed and pop upstairs to finish the getting changed process and as I do so I am met by the long-suffering look of my beloved wife. I wonder why she has that look and before she opens her mouth I realise and remember and turning on my heel have to make that long journey back to the kitchen to supply to the priority relationship in my life the simple and reasonable request.

Why did I forget, why did I have to do a journey again?

Often I reckon some gatherings get caught up with stuff in between and get distracted from the call in the first place. In fact we are very accustomed to doing a lot of bits in the middle and neglect the very purpose of the life we have been given. No wonder we’re perplexed.

Perhaps it’s good to keep to the forefront the initial instructions of the priority relationship in all of life, so we don’t have to make a return journey.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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