Complete Surrender

It’s interesting.

People love the concept of freedom, but don’t like the thought of surrender. People would welcome peace and justice, but wouldn’t necessarily be as warm towards submission.

Yet Jesus who brought freedom and showed the way of peace is the chief example of someone who submitted and displayed a willingness to surrender that was compelling. Our walk with Him is not about picking and choosing the parts we prefer, it’s about engaging with the Spirit of God to fully depict the way of Christ in every day life.

The first part in that is the surrender – the complete surrender that acknowledges how all of us is now all of His. That includes my faults, failings and frailties. Those are not exempt from His Lordship. My desires, my preferences are all now surrendered to Him. This is a vulnerable position to take and also the most liberating as His life courses through us and makes itself clear in how work colleagues are treated, how the children issue is resolved, how to make the best use of the time given to be of maximum benefit to those you serve.

God help us as we practise complete surrender.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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