You Can Take The Son Out Of The Kingdom …

You ever hear some statements that make you sit up and pay attention?

One of those statements goes as follows: you can take the boy out of the town, but you can’t get the town out of the boy. That’s a brilliant sentiment. It speaks of how deeply embedded familiar values are in the ‘boy’ which emerge in any situation.

I think of the Son who left His throne in glory and took on human flesh even as a servant. I think of what He endured in His time away from home, how far He went to the depths of the depravity of man, not just the poverty of those written off, but even worse the self-satisfied smug approach of those who were supposed to uphold the values of home. He walked through demonic temptation, human misunderstanding, fickle followers, the betrayal and abandonment of those closest to Him. He was battered and marred before being nailed to a cross and murdered. Yet as far as He was away from home, you could not get home away from Him.

How deep the Father’s love for us is that we are rescued by the Son who worked on the principle that you can take the Son out of the Kingdom, but you can’t get the Kingdom out of the Son. That Kingdom reality enabled Him to overcome even death itself. That Kingdom reality saw Him overcome sin and rise triumphantly to allow others to also die and rise to new life in Him. Through that deep spiritual connection with that pivotal Truth, there is at work within us the embedding of His eternal truth and the reality of His Kingdom come and will being done here as in heaven. As that embedding work proceeds, so we grow in His grace and knowledge. So we become like Him and share with others how that can be achieved.

As we walk through our own challenging situations we can hold onto a real hope that the Spirit of God will have it that we will always be consciously aware of the realities of the eternal purpose. As we do so, we become attuned and engaging in His business.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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