Acts Actually: 28 – Kingdom Start, Kingdom Ending

Near the beginning of the book of Acts we are informed that Jesus spent his days after His resurrection and before His ascension telling His followers about the Kingdom of God.

Throughout the book of Acts of all that has happened, the purpose has not just been about proclaiming the King. It has been about sharing and teaching about realities of the Kingdom. It is this which has allowed people – Jews or Gentiles – to come into acknowledging the good news.

Expressing that Kingdom is also seen in this last chapter of the book of Acts as Paul displays to the people of Malta. Whether it’s surviving a viper’s bite or healing those in the island, the good news is not just about what is said, it’s about what happens to the community. It’s about evidence of peace through broken lives restored and people seeing there’s more to life than what they see.

The book of Acts recounts episode after episode of men and women overcoming obstacles and doing and being everything pleasing to God. They grow in knowing the implications of the Kingdom and the King and the world around them reacts to that which provokes a reaction.

The Acts of the Holy Spirit did not end with the final chapter in this account. The Acts continue to this day in the episodes of men and women who hear the good news and know they cannot keep it to themselves.

God bless you in your acts.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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