CD Songs: His Truth Still Marches On – Andrae Crouch

Christians and relativists make outstandingly arrogant claims on truth.

Relativists insist that there is no such thing as universal truths.  The argument continues that such claims to such truths could never be thoroughly corroborated from all peoples in all cultures at all times.  So to suggest such is blind to the only universal truth – that there is no universal truth.

Christians point to the life, teachings, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  They point to the historical reality of the event and the significant impact it had on the world since to suggest that indeed universal truth exists and can be known.  Not just a list of statements, but a Person.  A Person who embodied that which was right, holy, just and essentially true for all peoples in all cultures through all time.  That is evidenced in the spread in the message of this Person.  It is evidenced in the changed lives of those in the multitude of cultures who credit the Person – not just the pretty statements.

The inevitability of this truth continues even in the light of efforts of various rising and falling kingdoms who wish to decry, denounce, mock and manipulate this Truth.  For all their best efforts, for all their fancy rhetoric, philosophies, concepts and academic prowess, they have yet to stop the advance of the Truth.

I delight and rejoice that the Truth still marches on, taking broken lives and making them whole in what is true – in Who is true.  I pray His truth will visit and enrich you today.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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