Talking Point: The Debt Crisis

This man is Nigel Farage.  He is a MEP and was the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party or UKIP.  I am not a member of UKIP, neither do I subscribe to all their political beliefs.  I don’t post this primarily to get into the nitty gritty of the Eurozone crisis that it alludes to.

The point for conversation in this is how wide and deep the debt problem is.  I don’t just mean countries owing billions.  I mean the concept of debt being so widespread and so acceptable that incidents like this where countries borrow money from countries who already owe money reflects a culture where offers to individuals are made to consolidate loans by getting another loan.

The effect of debt is still real, with people committing suicide and going insane because of such issues.  Yet isn’t there something about its inevitability, whether in the urge to get a mortgage or the push to get a credit card as well as the new craze of pay-day loans, that suggest that being in debt is considered normal, acceptable and even recommended?  It’s a talking point.

For His Name’s Sake




1 thought on “Talking Point: The Debt Crisis”

  1. That is a great video, I like him! He is like a British Ron Paul or something.

    The debt issue should be such a huge concern and no one is really all that concerned. We just keep borrowing away. Here in the U.S. an enormous percentage of our government and indeed our economy is founded in an unlimited ability to keep borrowing infinite amounts of money but one day we are going to go looking for more money and it won’t be there. On that day the whole house of cards will collapse and make the Greek implosion look like child’s play.

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